Vehicle Swing Gates 

Securafit design, manufacture and install Automated Vehicle Swing Gates, with each one being manufactured to order. Our gates can be manufactured to predetermined dimensions, or we can design bespoke gates with a site survey – considering the fall in the road, obstacles, and any other factor that makes that entrance unique.

Vehicle Swing Gates can be either manual or Automated. 

  • Single or Double leaf 
  • large variety of design choices
  • Automation available
  • Matching Railings & Fencing 


standard colours include :

  • RAL 6005 Green 
  • RAL 9005 Black

Other colours are available upon request. 



Securafit have a variety of infill options available. The two distinct categories are the ‘Railings’ range and the ‘Securamesh’ range. Check out our Fencing & Railings to learn more about the types of infill available.

Optional Extras 

Access Control

Access control includes Intercoms, Keypads & Fob readers. Access control devices can be integrated will existing systems for fluent control of your entrances. Find out more from our Access Control page.

ANPR Cameras

ANPR cameras are specifically designed to recognise verified registration plates on cars, and operate gates, Barriers and Bollards accordingly.


Securafit can install fully integrated CCTV systems  to help monitor your perimeter, and deter intrusions. Find out more from out CCTV page.

Ground Loop

Ground loops are devices cut into the ground that detect the presence of a vehicle passing overhead. This sends a signal which can operate the gate automatically, allowing the vehicle to leave the site without interacting with any access control.

Line markings

Thermoplastic Line markings can be used to denote pathways, road edges, parking spaces & instructions.

Adjacent fencing or railings

Many projects need matching fencing or railings to secure the site -We offer a wide range of railings and fencing in different sizes and styles. you can find out more on our fencing page.


Automated gates can be locked with a variety of devices. Depending on the Gates intent, layout and other factors will determine which system is more suitable. Options include:

  • Electro-mechanical lock
  • Magnetic lock
  • Hold-open Magnetic lock
  • Solenoid shoot bolt 


Automated can be achieved with either Inground Motors or Surface Mounted Rams.

Inground motors are the discreet option, with just a stainless-steel plate visible on the surface directly beneath the gate leaf. The leaf sits upon the motor that is recessed into the ground.

Surface mounted Rams are positioned on the back of the gate leaf, approximately a third of the way up the leaf.  The Ram extends and contracts between its mounting points to operate the gate.

We can also design gates to be Automation Ready – Manufactured & installed as a functioning manual gate whilst allowing for automation at a later date.

Please note: Automated Gates will require additional safety products to make the gates comply with the latest safety standards – you can find out more on our ‘Gate Safety’ page.

Shields, Signs & logos

Many of our bespoke gates need that extra touch to finish them – which can be done with a Shield, Sign or Logo – some examples include:

  • Mild steel Lasercut plates (lettering, logos)
  • Vinyl prints – versatile and durable
  • Single or Split shield
  • 3D logos
  • Unique materials (Brass, Acrylic, stainless steel)

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