Case Studies

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: " that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed, but a thing created is loved before it exists. "

Charles Darwin

Front Entrance and Rear Exit Gate at Seahaven Academy

Seahaven Academy was inspired by another one of our case studies, the Riddlesdown Collegiate. The client was so impressed with our portfolio that they asked us to apply these design cues to their own applications.

Securafit happily obliged. We replaced the tired existing front gates with an automated set of swing gates as well as swapping out the exit gates for a new automated sliding gate. Both of these could be controlled with a system that tied into the schools existing intercom system.

With our custom response approach, any job can be tailored around your needs.

Automated Swing Gate & Sliding Gate at London Oratory School

Securafit won a tender to completely overhaul the front entrance for this prestigious school. The school needed a secondary entrance, including automated swing Gate, pedestrian gate and turnstile, as well as ground works to bring it all together. This entrance was accompanied by a new automated sliding gate to improve the schools' overall security. This was a challenge since the terrain didn't favour a traditional sliding gate - but Securafit has a long history of creating bespoke solutions for the task at hand. .

As with every client, we talked through what their needs truly were, building a picture of what solutions would be best suited. From there, our in-house CAD team put together a visual concept showcasing both the aesthetics and functionality of our designs. With the approval, we started the good work in bringing another dream to life.

Securafit used its' multi-discipline team to see the job through. We design and manufacture under the same roof, and train all our professional installers in-house.

Bespoke Front Entrance Solution: Riddlesdown Collegiate

Securafit were drafted in to redesign the front entrance of a large well known Collegiate. The brief was that it had to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and create a statement.

After our initial survey we were able to create computer generated images and CAD drawings so that the design could be approved prior to manufacture and installation.

From this, the client was able to visualise what we were proposing, eliminating the risk of a dissatisfied customer on completion.

With work well underway a concept was turning into a visual reality....

And finally the dream was realised, a perfect example of how the Securafit team can take a project through to completion.

Entrance Gate and Associated Works: Mossbourne Community Academy

A growing London academy had got to a point where the main entrance was not wide enough to cope with their demands, one gate had already been knocked over by a lorry and it was not going to be long before another accident happened.

Securafit looked after the entire project from liaising with the council to widen the external road layout to installing the new gate and associated groundworks.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the project was delayed past the end of the summer holidays so we worked with the academy to ensure that they could continue their term time activities whilst the works were being completed.

We pride ourselves in our ability to work with the client to ensure that the works we are carrying out cause the least disturbance possible whilst still achieving our final goal of project completion.

Ball Court: The Henry Beaufort School

Ball courts are becoming more familiar as the ever increasing need for exercise during school time continues. Ball courts also provide the ability to hire out the facility out of school hours to maximise the return on your schools investment.

Could this expanse of tarmac ever turn into sporting reality?

Securafit has the answer…. Of course it is possible.

With a variety of different types of sports fencing Securafit will guide you through the process of which style is most suitable for your requirements and then see the project through to practical completion, whether it is for a main contractor or direct with the end user.

Traditional Heritage Gates: Hampstead Garden Suburb

Applying to the local council for a new set of gates is never an easy job to get right, but on this project not only did we have to get approval from the local authority but also the exclusive Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust where appearance is of utmost importance.

Our clients' concern was to increase the security and the height of both their entrance gates and Securafit were given the task of achieving this along with getting the necessary planning approvals.

Plans were drawn up for the clients' approval and then sent to the Local Council and Suburb Trust for their approval.

Once the plans were approved we began to manufacture the gates.

The site was prepared, installation began and then the project was completed.

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